Trusthill Real Estate, which primarily focuses on capital‐centric investment strategies, is the holding company that governs investment policies, operational strategies, growth initiatives, business objectives, service offerings, and senior personnel related specifically to real estate assets within the company’s national portfolio. Trusthill Real Estate (also under various prior names) has established and managed multiple investment vehicles across all sectors of real estate.


After six decades and more than a thousand transactions, we’ve experienced just about every possible situation. However, we know that our clients’ situations are the only ones that matter. At Trusthill, we’ve been to the finish line more than most and that puts our clients in a position of strength. Clients should expect real estate professionals to guide them through the process of finding the right property, in the right neighborhood and for the right price. If selling a home, clients should demand their real estate firm understands the true property value, deploys the latest technologies to market it effectively, attracts qualified buyers, and delivers a surety to close.

What truly separates Trusthill from all other firms is our experience and proven ability to deliver results when buying or selling residential real estate, regardless of prevailing market conditions. Call Trusthill today and put six decades of experience to work – for You.

For more information about Trusthill Real Estate Brokerage, please contact Peter Almonte, Managing Director at 401-391-1444 or palmontejr@trusthillrealestate.com.